Are you series? Netflix's Dark: a mind blowing sci-fi TV show!

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Another excellent production I've watched on Netflix was Dark. It's a German supernatural, science-fiction thriller with an exceptional scenario, although hard to follow if you're not good with remembering names, faces and incidents. Dark revolves around time travel and parallel universes, its story unfolds within three seasons (26 episodes) and all I can say is that it is a mind-blowing piece of work that you MUST watch if you love sci-fi!

The story is set in a small town called Winden where young children start disappearing without a trace. It seems as history is repeating itself, since 33 years earlier missing children had the people of Winden concerned again. I'm not gonna say more about the plot and how missing children and time travel are related, as it's way too complicated to describe in a couple of paragraphs. All I can say is that the series got me hooked, I couldn't wait to watch one episode after the other, I loved the direction, the plot, the acting (almost all of the actors were great - all but Martha in my humble opinion), the music choices were also fantastic, Dark can easily get on my list of top 10 series ever!

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If you love series that keep messing your brain and require your full attention in order to decipher their mysteries, then Dark is an excellent choice for you!


Always looking for something new to watch. We are watching the Sinner now.

I've watched all 3 seasons, the last one was a little tiring for me I have to admit...

Dark is a masterpiece, period. This is my favorite Netflix series along with Black Mirror. I recommend you to check a little-known Hulu series called Devs. You will probably love it, the plot can be mind-blowing as well.

I've heard about Black Miirror and Devs, they have excellent IMDB ratings, I need to check them out. Today we started watching If I hadn't met you, a Spanish production, we'll see how this goes...

Damn, another person raving about Dark. I really need to stick it out with this show and see what it's about. I've given up after the second episode twice now but everyone is always highly praising it.

You need to be determined to watch it and stay focused, because if you miss something or don't fully understand it, you're gonna have trouble following the rest of the story.

I'll make sure that I have some more time available when I watch it next time. I have to admit I was only half watching it the first couple of times so that must be the reason why I lost interest.

I didn't watch this one, but it's on my list (because I know it's good).